River Heights

River Heights

Enter the verdant suburban neighbourhood of River Heights, where the canopy of majestic elms line each street and greet you on your journey. There is prime shopping to be done here, and a diverse array of fantastic dining destinations. You can also wander into Wellington Crescent for a look at some city’s grandest real estate. The street is closed to vehicles on Sundays in summer, which makes it a popular route for pedestrians, cyclist, and joggers.

Where to Eat 

Discover the uber-modern small plates eatery, Enoteca Wine Bar, which serves carefully considered dishes that feature layered flavours and an exquisite touch. The plating itself is stunning, but the tastes somehow manage to trump even that. 1670 Corydon Avenue, 204-487-1529.

Listen to your inner child squeal with delight as you bite into the grilled cheese burger at Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar. Think thick cut French bread, garlic butter grilled with cheddar and Swiss, surrounding a hand packed, ground chuck burger, all enjoyed from a great patio surrounded by friends. 102-530 Kenaston Boulevard, 204-489-2272.

You might feel like Marty McFly travelling back to the 1950s with this classic deli filled with glass Coke bottles and heaping meat-filled sandwiches. Myer’s Delicatessen makes a mean sandwich, and sells some niche imported treats as well to stock up on after your meal.

Authentic Italian cuisine is the name of the game at Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge. Gorge yourself on some traditional lasagna, hearty pasta dishes, or some gourmet pizzas. 1-877 Waverly Street, 204-489-0495.

The Grove Pub & Restaurant brings the British Pub to the area of Crescentwood in River Heights. Enjoy a couple pints or share some sangria, while you chomp away on a specialty burger or fish bites. The pub is filled with people which creates a charming, friendly atmosphere.

Known for its beloved, wood-fired pizzas topped with a litany of sophisticated ingredients, from fire-roasted chicken to oyster mushroom to fresh pear, Bonfire Bistro continues to boast great food in its handsomely decorated restaurant. 1433 Corydon Avenue, 204-487-4440.

For a touch of casual, family-run dining, Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano perfectly captures the flavours of southern Italian cuisine in its traditional dishes, all made in-house. They specialize in pasta, sauces, and Calabrese sausages, and you can stop by next door at La Cantina di Mona Lisa for some wine afterwards. 1697 Corydon Avenue, 204-488-3687.

Located inside McNally Robinson Booksellers, Prairie Ink Restaurant & Bakery serves healthy comfort food look baked mac n’ cheese, a bagel and lox, which you can pair with their “literary smoothies,” like the Hemingway or the Angelou.  You might even be able to catch a book launch, or some live music. 1120 Grant Avenue, 204-975-2659. You might have seen their celebrated the Waki Temaki Sushi Truck, around the city, but you can just go straight to the source at Yujiro Japanese Restaurant for some fresh and delicious sushi, tempura, and exotic ice creams. 1822 Grant Avenue, 204-489-9254.

For a Jewish-style Kosher Deli experience, Bernstein’s Deli serves up classic sandwiches that never go out of style. Their homemade falafel is excellent, and their all day breakfasts will ensure you are ready to tackle the day no matter what time it is. 170 Corydon Avenue, 204-488-4552.

Top Places to Shop 

Discover the latest trends in home decorating and design at These Four Walls. Their rich home furnishings have been styling Winnipeg homes for over 15 years. 167 Stafford Street, 204-452-5786.

Try on some premium denim and smart urban wear for men and women at Danali. Filled with current fasihion lines and exclusive designer collections, you can shop coveted brands like Nudie Jeans Co., John Varvatos USA and Tiger of Sweden. 100-530 Kenaston Boulevard, 204-489-0577.

The family owned shop The Running Room has been designed with runners’ needs in mind. The staff know their stuff about brands, styles and fit. With the best selection of technical footwear and apparel, you’ll be breaking personal records and looking great doing it.  Kenaston Village Mall, 1875 Grant Avenue, 204-487-7582; 2095

A large collection of designer jewellery sparkles in the Diamond Gallery’s modern showroom. This luxury jeweler specializes in platinum, carries conflict-free diamonds, and also does custom work. 1-1735 Corydon Avenue, 204-488-9813.

Grant Park Mall draws visitors from across the city with unique anchor tenants such as Empire Theatres and McNally Robinson Booksellers. It offers a boutique shopping experience with trendy shops, like the women’s fashion boutique October, and a diverse range of specialty shops. 1120 Grant Avenue, 204-475-8556.

Foodies and oenophiles beware: you might lost a whole day exploring the shopping emporium that is La Grotta Mediterranean Market. They feature an extensive amount of cheese and deli meats, freshly baked breads and pastries, imported groceries, and even house an upscale restaurant, Piazza De Nardi. 1360 Taylor, 204-982-9461.

Luxe Label’s chic store features a carefully edited collection of designer clothing and accessories that are both fashionable and timeless. 1693 Corydon Avenue, 204-415-1415. Along with a selection of beautiful wrapping paper, cards and ribbons, Paper Gallery stocks stellar giftware, including candles, kitchen gadgets, stationery and toys. 1437 Corydon Avenue, 204-488-2867.

For those who prefer flippers to slippers, Swimming Matters will make waves. This specialty aquatic shop carries swimsuits and more than 100 different styles of goggles. 1389 Grant Avenue, 204-489-1429.

Top Things to See and Do

Dive in to the Pan Am Pool, a world-class aquatic centre built in 1967 for the Pan American Games. Do some laps or perfect your cannonball in one of the largest indoor bodies of water in the world. The facility includes two competitive swimming pools, diving tower, a kiddie pool, a track and an indoor weight room. 25 Poseidon Bay, 204-986-5890.

Explore the history of electricity at Manitoba Electrical Museum & Education Centre and check out all the gadgets powered through the generations. Visitors of all ages enjoy the giant appliance robot. Free admission and parking. 680 Harrow Street, 204-360-7905. Swing by The Golf Dome and enjoy a multi-purpose facility that includes a two-level indoor driving range, mini-golf, virtual golf and sports rental facility. 1205 Wilkes Avenue, 204-489-7776. Channel your inner yogi during a class at Yoga Centre Winnipeg. The studio has been guiding students through classes and workshops for 25 years. 915 Grosvenor Avenue, 204-222-9642.

The Corydon Community Centre has an activity for anyone who wants to get active and involved. Programs are available for pre-schoolers, youth, adults, seniors and families. 1370 Grosvenor Avenue, 204-488-7000.