Point Douglas

point douglas


Winnipeg’s Point Douglas is bound on the east by the Red River, the south by the river and Galt Avenue, the north by the river and Redwood Avenue, and the west by Main Street. This inner-city peninsula of the Red River is bisected into two communities: the more residential North Point Douglas and more industrious South Point Douglas.


One of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, Point Douglas was once a prestigious community and home to some of Winnipeg’s founding families. When the Canadian Pacific Railway routed through the neighbourhood, it became divided into a residential northern section and an industrious southern section. Its proximity to downtown, abundant river views, and affordable housing are still appealing, however the community is still coping with low incomes and higher crime rates.


Point Douglas has faced challenges in poverty and crime, as have many north-end communities in Winnipeg. North Point Douglas remains primarily residential, though some commercial services are available, while South Point Douglas is less populated. The migration of industry from this area has left behind a number of vacant lots that have yet to be developed. Determined residents and interested developers offer signs of encouragement in the community.


Go back in time with a visit to the Barber House or Ross House Museum. Both buildings are examples of the classic Red River framed homes popular in Winnipeg’s early days. Acting as a neighbourhood hub and source of inspiration, North Point Douglas Women’s Centre brings together women from the area to address the issues they face and work towards building a stronger community.

Distance from City Hall


While housing remains affordable in this historical area, higher crime rates and lower incomes have challenged the community. Much of the manufacturing that once dominated South Point Douglas has relocated, leaving behind vacant lots and sub-standard housing. But proud residents and interested developers – including a proposal for a large office space close to where Waterfront Drive and Higgins Avenue meet – may reclaim Point Douglas’ charm.


An inner-city neighbourhood with average household incomes well below the city’s average, Point Douglas features a number of affordable rental properties. If you’re looking to buy, you can purchase a home here for less than half the Winnipeg-wide average cost. Proximity to downtown provides convenient access to a range of shops and services. For an affordable dinner, enjoy generous portions of tasty Chinese food at Five Spice Restaurant.