North End

Over the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline lies the North End, a culturally and architecturally diverse neighbourhood, best exemplified by the wide variety of stores, bakeries and restaurants to be found in the area.

Selkirk Avenue began as the “heart” of the North End, with its vast variety and large concentration of retail offerings and clothing stores. The Selkirk Avenue of today continues to feature many unique and ethnic offerings, and an emergence of education and training centres have popped up, as well. Additionally, Main Street is enjoying a rejuvenation, with the Social Enterprise Centre and Neechi Commons, a workers co-op, injecting new life into the southern section of Main Street.

Where to Eat

Fully loaded burgers brimming with chili, double cheese dogs, and homemade fries. Chomp down into their juicy patties and indulge yourself in this necessary diversion to the food we wish we could eat all the time, at Superboys. 1468 Main Street, 204-589-8437.

This busy North End hot spot serves up a cavalcade of classic breakfast items, and hot sandwiches for lunch that keep people coming back time and time again, and raving to their friends about how good it is. Now, by visiting Luda’s Deli, you can be one of those people! 410 Aberdeen Avenue, 204-589-2583.

Stock up on some dainty French macarons, or some temptingly flakey croissants at A L’Epi de Ble to bring back home, if you don’t eat all the authentic pastries yourself first. 1757 Main Street, 204-334-2526.

A small menu is nice because the focus can just be on doing everything right. That’s the way it is at Baraka Pita Bakery, where falafel, shawarma, and other Mediterranean delights await those with big appetites. 1783 Main Street, 204-334-2004.

The fare at Lao Thai Restaurant is a blend of traditional Lao food and Thai food. Select your spice level and prepare for some pristine seafood dishes. 763 Selkirk Avenue, 204-589-0065.

Gunn’s Bakery’s influence extends far outside the North End, as they’ve built their reputation by consistently baking high-quality goods. This kosher bakery has many can’t miss hits, like bagels, cakes, cookies and an array of different breads. 247 Selkirk Avenue, 204-582-2364.

Throw some bacon on your burger and get it while it’s hot. White Top Drive-In serves up delicious fast food items and have become a beloved neighbourhood standby. 409 Manitoba Avenue, 204-589-4419.

Top Places to Shop

Enjoy each roast of the season at this fair-trade coffee shop, Black Pearl Coffee. Inhale that full bodied sweet, nutty elixir, and get a proper start to your day. 460 Dufferin Avenue, 204-586-3989.

With four locations in town, Gimli Fish Market is a great place to find some fresh seafood, like our local goldeye or pickerel for a great dinner, or to be packed away as a gift to let others sample a taste of Winnipeg. 596 Dufferin Avenue, 204-589-3474.

Hand-crafted dream catchers, mukluk supplies, and other artistic wonders await at Winnipeg Trading Post. You can grab a vast array of arts supplies to and start creating your own masterpieces. 1128 Main Street, 204-947-0513.

Neechi Commons is an Indigenous grocery story and restaurant. You can indulge in some some oven-fresh bannock, wild rice, and specialty jams, but also peruse the hand-crafted moccasins, indigenous artwork, and children’s books for great, unique gifts. 865 Main Street, 204-949-1338.

Top Things to See and Do

Looks like the train is headed for a stop at McPhillips Station Casino. Win big by trying your luck at VLTs, poker, and bingo, catch the big game in the sports bar, or even see some live entertainment. 484 McPhillips Street, 204-957-2500.

Those kids are full of energy, and you need to get it out of them in the proper outlets. Fortunately, U-Puttz Amusement Centre has the exciting distractions that you need to keep them entertained. You can start with 18 holes of glow-in-the-dark mini golf, complement it with some wild bumper car action, and top it off with a dash of post-apocalyptic themed laser tag. 423 McPhillips Street, 204-582-2166.

Embrace the outdoors at St. John’s Park, where you can relax by the picnic shelters, or let the kids roam the play structure and wading pool. 20 Anderson Avenue.

Escape rooms, where you and your team work together to solve clues and puzzles to escape a locked room, are rising in popularity all over the world. Ultimate Lockdown stands out with some spookier and creepier themes of rooms that will get your heart pounding as the clock ticks away closer and closer to zero. You’ll really have to work as a team to get out of these thrillingly terrifying rooms. 1819 Main Street, 204-691-1100.

The Winnipeg branch of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada makes its home in the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Church. You can get in touch with Ukrainian culture, and view a collection of Ukrainian folk arts and crafts, like special Easter eggs and traditional clothing made by early pioneers. 1175 Main Street, 204-582-1018.