Garden City/West Kildonan

By cruising on up to Garden City or West Kildonan, you are entering into a delightful suburban retreat filled with parks, shopping, and family-friendly food. You and your family can pack the PB&J sandwiches and have a quaint picnic at Kildonan Park, stop by the Witch’s Hut for they can step into the shoes of Hansel and Gretel, then close off the day with a performance at Rainbow Stage, the longest surviving outdoor theatre where fun, whimsical musicals grace the stage and always deliver a good time.

Where to Eat:  

If packing your own picnic doesn’t appeal to you, have no fear, Prairie’s Edge is here! Located in the the Peguis Pavilion at Kildonan Park, they serve up fresh, prairie inspired food. 2015 Main Street, 204-284-7275. 

“Why go out for burgers, when I’ve got steak at home?” How about because I don’t have steak at home, and burgers are amazing. So while I might not get what the phrase is really referring to, what I do get is Blondie’s and their burgers that start at 1/8 of a pound, and go all the way up to 3 pounds. And if you’re asking yourself why I would need a 3 pound burger, let me answer that by saying they actually go up to a 9 pound burger. Question answered. 1969 Main Street, 204-338-0185. 

For some classic Italian cuisine, Paradise Restaurant & Lounge has been serving up traditional favourites like pizza, veal, and their homemade pasta. 662 Leila Avenue 204-338-4659. 

When you’re feeling like a fat boy (I mean the burger, of course), find your way to George’s Burgers & Subs. If there’s a food that can’t be improved by adding bacon or cheese to it, then I don’t want it, and they don’t serve it. 5-2136 McPhillips Street, 204-694-9661. 

Winter Garden Restaurant is a family-run Chinese restaurant with that serves up a litany of classic dishes like egg foo yung, and mooshi pork, as well as offering some delicious bubble tea for after the meal. 2211 McPhillips Street, 204-586-8145. 

Fact: Salisbury House is a Winnipeg institution. A family-friendly restaurant that serves breakfast all day, and of course their iconic “nips” which are Sal’s take own take on the hamburger. 287 Leila Avenue, 204-694-0931. 

Top Places to Shop: 

Garden City Shopping Centre has more than 80 places to shop. You could browse for affordable clothes, stop by the salon, get something to eat, or visit the anchor tenants like Sears, Winners, or Canadian Tire. 2305 McPhillips Street, 204-338-7076. 

You can always stop by Northgate Shopping Centre for a wide variety of clothing, shoes, and other interesting finds. Head to Cinema City Northgate for a movie, or at Walmart, Sears, or Best Buy for the latest great deals. 1399 McPhillips Street. 204-339-1641.

Top Things to See and Do

Kildonan Park is a huge space, filled with fun things to do, like hop on your bikes and take the bike path along the river, or barbecue up some burgers while you take a dip in the pool (shouldn’t swim on a full stomach? Total myth!). Kids will love to explore the Witch’s Hut, where they can see a fairytale come to life, without being tricked by any actual witches. 2015 Main Street. 

During the summer, full spectacular productions of Broadway musicals are performed under the open-air dome of Rainbow Stage, right in Kildonan Park. There’s not a bad seat in the house, and you get to watch amazing talent without being cooped up inside. Located within Kildonan Park, 204-989-0888. 

If you’re teed off after a rough day, a fairway to improve it is by shooting 18 holes at Kildonan Park Golf Course. No matter which way you slice it, good times are guaranteed at this course, right along the banks of the Red River. 2021 Main Street, 204-986-5679. 

Hit up the nightclub scene with Essence, where you can listen to great DJs, have some drinks with friends, and dance the night away. 2100 McPhillips Street, 204-633-0024. 

Take a step back to one of Winnipeg’s oldest surviving buildings of Red River Settlement construction. A Provincial Heritage site, the Seven Oaks House Museum is a two-storey, nine-room house depicts life as it was when the building was first being built back in 1851. 115 Rupertsland Boulevard, 204-339-7429. 

History buffs will fawn over the Battle of Seven Oaks National Historic Site of Canada. The aforementioned battle took place in 1816, between some Métis and Red River Settlers, as the culmination of a conflict between the North West Company and Hudson’s Bay Company for control of the fur trade. Main Street at Rupertsland Boulevard.